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Londoners are trying to find the artist behind this 1950s mural in Stoke Newington

Posted at 10:30 am, May 25, 2015 in Fun London

Somerford Estate

 [Flickr: Alan Denney]

The search is on for an anonymous artist with a social conscience (no, not sodding Banksy) who painted a much-loved mural on a Stoke Newington estate. Local residents and the London Mural Preservation Society are trying to locate the painter and learn more about the end-of-terrace work, which dates to 1950 and depicts a family sitting round a gas fire – a nod to the social housing revolution on the Somerford Grove Estate and in England in general in the postwar years.

You can see the mural and brush up on the history of the area at a free event on Saturday May 30. Find out more at londonmuralpreservationsociety.com.

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