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Lights of Soho: Brewer Street is now the global home of creative neon art

Posted at 5:15 pm, May 27, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment, News
Tracey Emin

Brewer Street has already been announced as the new hub of London style – it’s playing host to London Fashion Week from September. Now, the Soho road’s becoming the global home of creative neon art too.

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The street was home to the God’s Own Junkyard tribute to late light art pioneer Chris Bracey last year at pop-up gallery Lights of Soho. And, tomorrow (May 28), the gallery returns as a permanent fixture.

Its launch exhibition, titled ‘City Lights’, will sit Bracey’s work alongside Tracey Emin’s for the first time and will be open to the public. Their pieces will be joined by art from Gavin Turk, Chris Levine, Christian Furr and Rob & Nick Carter.

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Tracey Emin says: ‘People take neon for granted bit it’s a dying craft. There are many new ways of lighting up the town but it’s nice to be able to see and concentrate on the old traditional methods.’

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The venue will also be a members’ club and will have a secret basement for members to go and work, drink or eat food from chef Mark Hix’s menu.

If you hope to join, you need to show you support creative, film, fashion, music and art scenes. While artists are invited to apply to join for free, other members must pay an annual fee of £100-£150.

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 Visit lightsofsoho.com for more information.

Read more about London’s private members clubs.

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