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We Built This City: the souvenir shop with a cool twist

Posted at 2:15 pm, May 28, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment, Shopping & Style
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Up until this very moment, London souvenir shops have never been cool. They’re usually the home of sharp-elbowed tourists, barging their way through aisles of wind-up London buses, unofficial royal memorabilia and Lil’ Wayne vests. But, London’s just gained a new hip, cool, snazzy gift shop. The kind of gift shop you’re happy to take your cousins to when they come to visit.

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We Built This City arrived in London as a pop-up last December and has returned to the city for the summer. The store sells a selection of curated pieces from London artists inspired by the city around them. Red, white and blue are banned.

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There’ll be live artist sessions at the store, plus art and design workshops. East London artist Camille Walala has even given the 56-57 Carnaby Street shop a super cool graphic look – both inside and out.

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Founder Alice Mayor says: ‘We’re excited to be able to offer shoppers a souvenir that finally reflects London’s true creativity. Every souvenir purchased directly supports the very people who we believe make London such a special place to live and visit.’

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