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Someone’s put up a ransom note for a toy monkey in Hackney

Posted at 3:30 pm, June 3, 2015 in Animals

 [Photo: fairenoughfoster, Reddit]

Was there anything worse than losing your favourite toy as a child? The trauma was up there with turning on the TV to watch your morning cartoons, only to find that they’d all been cancelled to make way for some major breaking news story. Snooze. Well, this kid wanted to be reunited with her favourite monkey so much that, as spotted by Reddit user fairenoughfoster, her parents put up a ‘missing’ poster near Clissold Park in Hackney, complete with a charming pic of the little guy sipping on Coke through a straw and asking people to get in touch if they’d seen him. Cute, right? But it took a bit of a dark turn when someone responded with a ransom note saying: ‘If you want to see monkey again, leave the bananas on the front steps before midnight.’ They’ve really committed to it as well – who has time to cut out that many random letters for a toy monkey ransom note? We’re both impressed and appalled. Let’s just hope they came up with the goods and the monkey is now back home and sipping on an ice cold Coke to recover from his ordeal.

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