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Do you agree with this list of the UK’s favourite cheeses?

Posted at 5:15 pm, June 4, 2015 in Food & Drink
Wildes Cheese Tottenham

Cheese is the greatest of all the dairies. It’s creamy and salty and smelly and moreish all at the same time. In fact, we love cheese so much at Time Out that in the past month we’ve both interviewed a cheesemonger and sent a writer to make her own wheel of the stuff

But when it comes to the best kind of cheese, there’s more debate. The yellow stuff has infinite potential texture and flavour variations. Want five different types of layered into one block? BAM, here’s some Five Counties. How about something that’s creamy as butter but also blue and powerful? Here’s a block of Gorgonzola for ya. Want a hardcore smelly? Stinking Bishop’s your guy. Oh, and lets throw some dried fruit in there for good measure, or nuts or literally whatever you can imagine.

That’s why we felt curdling disappointment when we read Branston Pickle’s list of the nation’s favourite cheeses. The top of the pile? Cheddar, bloody cheddar, the most basic of brick cheeses. The cheese of student pasta bakes and primary school packed lunches won by a huge 80% of the vote.  

Second place went to mozzarella, which is basically solid milk. Then Red Leicester – otherwise known as ginger cheddar – came third. We can only assume that the 2,000 bland people who filled out Branston’s survey are the kinda folk who go to the same Pizza Express every Saturday night for a margherita and a side of dough balls if they’re feeling wild. Whey to go guys.

Here’s the list in full:

1. Cheddar
2. Mozzarella
3. Red Leicester
4. Brie
5. Parmesan
6. Stilton
7. Wensleydale
8. Feta
9. Camembert
10. Cream cheese

Love cheese? You’re gonna be a fan of the grilled cheese café


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