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Ignoring friends, shameless flirting and pelvic floor exercises: Londoners’ tube confessions

Posted at 8:00 am, June 5, 2015 in News, Transport
Tube carriage

Let’s be honest, commuting brings out the worst in all of us. We’re packed together like sardines and forced to stand under someone’s musty armpit while paying through the nose for the privilege.

A survey from oatie breakfast people MOMA! pretty much reaffirms what we all know to be true – when it comes to the tube, it’s every man for himself. According to the 1,000 people that took part in the survey, almost 40 percent will barge past people in a desperate attempt to get their bums on a seat. And once sitting comfortably, 35 percent of commuters will totally zone out and even avoid speaking to people they know. Well, who wants to make awkward 8am small talk with that weird ex-housemate who you had the misfortune of sharing a flat with for a few dark months?

And when it comes to morning moods, nearly half of the people surveyed said that transport woes put them in a bad mood (we’re looking at you, TfL), while 57 percent said that listening to some banging tunes lifted their mood – even if the tube was being held to ‘regulate’ the service.

Almost a fifth of people said they spend their journeys making eyes at the sexy commuter across the carriage, but the weirdest finding was that 16 percent admitted to using their tube time for a quick toning session – you know, pelvic floor exercises and some subtle bum clenching, the usual.

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