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Summer survival guide: how to make it through a London festival

Posted at 4:30 pm, June 5, 2015 in Music & Nightlife

Over the next few weeks we’re bringing you Time Out’s ultimate guide to surviving London in the summer, from sweating on the tube to drinking on roofs. First up: city festivals.

Where’s my tent? Have I got mud on my face? These are the troubling questions we face while at weekend festivals, but London’s day fests have challenges of their own. Here’s how to survive with style.

Bring cash

Lots of cash. More cash than you can ever imagine spending. So much cash that you have to empty all your cards from your wallet to squeeze it in. And, while your disorganised pals queue for 40 minutes for the cash machine in Victoria Park Londis, you’ll be sat on the grassy embankment downing a gin in a tin.

Be prepared to bump into your ex

Prepare a casual anecdote about how great your job is. Practice your best fake smile. Bring a hot, well-dressed friend to loop your arm around. HAHAHAHA life is going so well for you.

Don’t wear wellies

Even if you say you’re not going out after, you’ll end up at a club/pub/house party feeling like a sweaty farmer.

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Accept that you’re going to accidentally get drunk before 3pm

You’ll meet your mates in the pub at one-ish and have a few. Then you’ll head into the festival and realise you don’t know any of the bands on the line-up before 5pm. You’ll have a few more. Then some shots.

Then you might need a little sit down.

Don’t expect to run into anyone you want to see

The girl you fancy, all the fun people from your office, the old uni friends you haven’t seen for two years; all these people will be in a small London park on the same afternoon and yet you’ll never bump into any of them.

Learn to live without a phone

‘where r u mate?’

This message could not be delivered to all recipients.

‘which portaloos do you mean?’

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‘I cand’t f!ind !;’yoUU FKAZTWIGs.’



Remember it gets cold at night

Bring a jumper, yeah?

Look up the bus routes in advance

Write them on your hand in case your phone runs out of battery. There will be no cabs and Uber will be at 5.0 times the normal rate, so you’re going to need a party bus to take you to your next destination.

By Kate Lloyd

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