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‘2 Kinds of People’ is a new Tumblr that KNOWS YOUR SOUL

Posted at 6:00 pm, June 10, 2015 in Fun London

Ever noticed that there are undeniable differences between you and you friends that you just can’t put your finger on? This Tumblr’s got your back.


Blog 2 Kinds of People features pairs of illustrations that identify the different ways people live in the modern age. You either have no unread emails or 31,890 (which may or may not be my Gmail figure). You either give your wifi silly names or leave it as the awful code. Or you either bite into chocolate bars or snap them into pieces. And, whichever side you fall, you’re damn sure opposing action is totally wrong.


Made by the creator of Kim Jong-Il looking at things, the blog’s the final solution to the age old problem: ‘why does that person annoy me when they’re not doing anything wrong?’ Excellent.



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