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This map shows how far you can travel by train from London in under 22 hours

Posted at 8:00 am, June 12, 2015 in Maps, Transport

maps trainsPhoto: Peter Kerpedjiev

If you’re planning a holiday that involves any kind of train travel this summer, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at this handy colour-coded map created by Peter Kerpedjiev, a PhD student at the University of Vienna. It shows how far you can travel from London to anywhere in Europe in 22 hours or less, with journey time estimates based on using only trains and walking at a rate of 5 minutes per kilometre – so no dawdling if you want to make it to Prague in under 16 hours.

The map shows that Scotland is pretty damn far away from London by train – in fact you could be in Amsterdam before getting anywhere near
Edinburgh. (Plus, we hear it rains a lot up there.) If you fancy a swift trip, then your best bets are Paris or Brussels at under four hours. But if you’re up for spending 22 hours on a train then you can get as far as Portugal, Hungary and Slovakia. Admittedly, it’s not 100 percent accurate – Kerpedjiev adds the caveat that ‘everything is an estimate’ and ’rounding errors abound’, but still, it’s a pretty good indication of how far you can get away from London on the humble train – and who doesn’t love a good map?

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