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London could be getting a new version of ‘The Crystal Maze’

Posted at 3:07 pm, June 14, 2015 in Fun London
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Update: The Crystal Maze is now open and ready for bookings!

Always wanted to battle the Aztec zone, outwit the Industrial zone, master the Medieval zone, freak out in the Futuristic zone and end up flailing for gold foil in the Crystal Dome, all to the soundtrack of Richard O’Brien’s dulcet tones on the harmonica? Us too. Most kids who grew up in the 1990s will have wanted to go on’ The Crystal Maze’ more than they wanted to meet Jet from ‘Gladiators’. And that is A LOT. So when the show ended in 1995, our dreams were shattered (no, ‘Fort Boyard’ just isn’t the same). But now all those big kidult dreams could come true if Little Lion production company raise enough cash to build a mega interactive Crystal Maze game. The crowdfunding page goes live today and they’re hoping to raise mega bucks to make this a reality.

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They have the green light from the the original show’s creator Malcolm Hayworth, the presiding rights company Zodiak Rights and Richard O’Brien. He’ll even appear in the new version, although sadly only as a projection. There will a new set of maze masters who will guide teams across the zones, challenge them to try games testing their intelligence, skill and physical ability, help them collect crystals and lead them to a showdown in the dome.


As this is London 2015, there’ll also be a bar and street food on a viewing platform so you can watch the other teams after you battle it out. We went down to try out a test version of one of the games and it was just as exciting and nerve wracking as you’d hope. Start the fans!

By Sonya Barber

Want to see this happen? Donate at the crowdfunding page and find out more at the-crystal-maze.com.

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