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In pictures: 10 of London’s most interesting listed buildings

Posted at 4:30 pm, June 17, 2015 in Arts & Entertainment
South Hill Park_interior_DP100503 Copyright Historic England, James O

It isn’t just National Trust properties that get ‘listed’. Historic England will give special protection to any landmark that reveals stories about an area’s history. In fact, 510 London landmarks were given listed status in 2014 – here are ten of the most unusual.

1. The concrete house at 78 South Hill Park

Finished in 1965, this Camden property was designed by architect Brian Housden and is inspired by everything from European modernism to the houses of the Dogon Tribe of Mali.

South Hill Park_exterior_DP100493-1 Copyright Historic England, James O

2. The church built for the Royal Association for Deaf People

St Bede’s Catholic church on Clapham Road is designed to cater to the needs of a deaf congregation, with its sloping floor, twin pulpits and indirect lighting.

St Bede's Clapham - Interior from gallery RESAMPLED_Copyright HE adviser

3. Islington’s Bacon Smokehouse

Small-scale bacon smokehouses are rare. While this one’s been converted into offices, it still has the outside steps and racks needed for its old purpose.

Bacon Smokehouse, Copyright Historic England, Lucy Millson-Watkins

4. The Stone Plaque from Dulwich Village’s ‘lock-up for drunks’

Made in 1760, it says: ‘It is a Sport to a Fool to do/Mischief to Thine own/Wickedness shall correct thee.” Harsh.

P1050415_Dulwich Village Plaque RESAMPLED_Copyright HE adviser photo

5. Swedish Seamen’s church and mission in Rotherhithe

A ‘home from home’ for mariners, the 1960s complex has both worship and welfare facilities.

Swedish Seamen's Mission_Copyright Historic England Lucy Millson-Watkins_DP164286

6. The world’s first laboratory for material testing

Kirkaldy’s Testing and Experimenting Works on Southwark Street (now a museum) contains one of the earliest testing machines, still in working order.

Kirkaldy's Testing Works - Interior_Testing machine looking NE_Copyright HE adviser photo

7. Hackney’s former French-Protestant Hospital 

Lavishly decorated, the hospital has corner turrets and steep pyramidal roofs, and is now used as a school.

Former_French_Protestant_Hospital_Flickr image_ Copyright Professor Rob Higgins

8. The Tomb of Captain John Bennett in Barking

The legacy of seventeenth-century navy captain John Bennett is surrounded by secrets and rumours, including theories about his involvement in smuggling.

Tomb of Captain John Bennet_Copyright HE adviser photo

9. Whittington Lodge at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Built in 1907, the lodge is probably the first purpose-built cattery in Britain.

Whittington Lodge, main elevation, view from s.east_Copyright HE adviser photo

10. Ilford’s Victorian Gin Palace

The Cauliflower Hotel has a lavish bar built for selling gin.

The Cauliflower Hotel interior Copyright HE adviser photo

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