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You might prefer this unofficial tube map to the original

Posted at 10:00 am, June 17, 2015 in Fun London, Maps, Transport
Alternative tube map

This month the new Tube map was unveiled and it’s fair to say people were pretty miffed. Stations were too close for people’s liking and the greyscale fare zones confused people’s eyes. So, to ease our cartographic woes, the people at City Metric kindly introduced us to a redesigned map they found on Wikipedia which was much more geographically on-point. And now they’ve offered up a second alternative, that’s also arguably easier to understand than TfL’s version.

Jug Cerović, a Belgrade-born and Paris-based architect and designer has made a rather smart version of the tube map. He’s cleared up a lot of the issues we have with the real thing, by putting zone numbers next to the names of stations rather than highlighting the map with distracting shades of grey, and he’s made the stations nice and spaced out. There’s also a little version of Hyde Park in there (pretty!). And while it all gets a bit sketchy in the ‘burbs, in terms of geography it’s definitely far more legible than the original. Thank you, Jug.

See the full-sized map here.

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